Pupils may be granted a free public transportation travel card if they live a long way from school. Pupils with a shorter school commute may also be granted a travel card or transportation by taxi if the route to school is too difficult, tiring or dangerous in view of their age and other circumstances.

If a pupil in basic education lives more than tree or five kilometres away from his or her school, he or she is entitled to school transportation benefit. Free transportation may also be granted if the commute is too difficult, tiring or dangerous in view of the pupil’s circumstances, such as medical reasons.

School transportation benefit is only available if the pupil attends a school assigned by the City of Espoo. Pupils attending a secondary school (instead of the school assigned to them), bilingual education, English-speaking education, language immersion education or Montessori education are not entitled to school transportation benefit. However, they may be granted temporary free transportation after an accident at school for which they have a medical certificate. It is only possible to apply for free transportation to and from one home address, namely the address recorded for the pupil in the Population Information System.

Photo: Olli Häkämies

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