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29.3.2023 5.57Updated: 5.4.2023 10.41

This article has originally been published in the Espoo Magazine 1/2023.
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Hello Espoo Info, located at the Iso Omena Service Centre, gives advice to foreign-language residents on all kinds of everyday matters.  

The Info offers advice on questions such as immigration, early childhood education, studying, benefits, finding hobbies or seeking medical help.  

Advice is available in plain Finnish and in English. If necessary, an interpreter can be used.  

Professionals from different fields work at Hello Espoo Info, including social counsellors, an early childhood education service coordinator, a nurse and service advisers. The advice provided is very practical, such as filling in different kinds of forms.  

“Our customers most often seek advice concerning Kela and Migri, but you can also come here with a bill or some official papers if you do not know what they are about,” says service adviser Ahmed Jama.  

He says it feels great to be able to help immigrants in their lives.  

“When necessary, we direct people to Kela, located on the same floor, or to Koto-Espoo, which offers integration services,” says social counsellor Pekka Rintala.

Rintala is helping Maryam Bilal, who is from Iraq, fill in an application for citizenship. Her father, Fayyadh Bilal, who came with her, knows Hello Espoo Info well. He has previously received help with questions concerning healthcare services.  

Hello Espoo Info serves through a queueing system Monday through Wednesday from 10:00 to 15:00, and the rest of the week is reserved for customers with a booked appointment.  

You can book an appointment by calling +358 40 6368097 or through email:

Text by: Jaana Kalliokoski. 

Fayyad Bilal and Maryam Bilal, father and daughter from Iraq, have come to get help from Hello Espoo Info for Maryam’s citizenship application. Social counsellor Pekka Rintala is helping them fill in the forms.
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