Being a professional at Espoo

The City of Espoo has approximately 15,000 employees. Many of our employees work as early childhood education teachers or child carers, comprehensive school class teachers, lecturers, part-time teachers, nurses, practical nurses or instructors. However, there are hundreds of different job titles. In what field are you a professional? Get to know our professionals from different fields.

In our vacancies(external link), you can see for which jobs we are currently looking for experts.

Social work

“There is nothing pretentious or superimposed in the work of a social worker.  We work on the most important basics of life.” As a social worker at the City of Espoo, you can help build a safe future. You can watch social phenomena from a front-row seat.

For us, the client is the most important thing. The principles of our work are family orientation, the promotion of health and well-being, early support and interference and a multi-professional approach to work.

Espoo has a wide range of opportunities for social work in family and social services, elderly services, disability services and health services.

We want to be your best job yet. Check out our vacancies in social work on the website.(external link)


Come and work with children and young people from Espoo! As a professional in the field, you can work in our diverse tasks within education and early childhood education. We develop high-quality educational services in the spirit of the curriculum. As a professional in education, you will offer children and young people high-quality, diverse and regionally equal educational opportunities.

Working in the open and experimental atmosphere of early childhood education in Espoo is meaningful, versatile and instructive. As a professional in early childhood education, you have genuine opportunities to influence the operating culture. An extensive network of experts, evolving digitalisation and diverse training opportunities support your work. Strong professionalism and an understanding of the importance of the work unite our personnel.

Explore all our vacancies in education and early childhood education.(external link)


Espoo is a vibrant cultural city. Cultural professionals can find employment opportunities in our innovative and active libraries, City Museum, City Orchestra Tapiola Sinfonietta and event and cultural services (Exhibition Centre WeeGee, Espoo Cultural Centre, Sello Hall, Children’s Cultural Centre Aurora, Kannusali and City Events).

We employ a wide range of experts: for example, orchestra musicians, curators of the City Museum, library pedagogues, producers and technicians of cultural venues. As a professional in your field, you get to work on cultural services for a wide range of audiences. In Espoo, culture belongs to everyone.

Care and nursing work

Nurse, public health nurse or practical nurse – come and do versatile and human-oriented work that contributes to the well-being of Espoo residents. We offer you a versatile and interesting job, an innovative working environment, a vibrant working community and extensive training opportunities.

As a professional in the nursing sector, you can work, for example, at health centres, at maternity and child health clinics, in services for people with disabilities, in mental health and substance abuse services and with elderly people at Espoo Hospital or in home and long-term care.

Espoo is a pioneer! We have been awarded in many innovation competitions. For example, Mobile Hospital Liisa, which provides on-call services to residents of long-term care facilities in Espoo, disabled housing units and home care clients, has received an honourable mention in the category of health sector innovations in Laatukeskus Excellence Finland’s Quality Innovation Award competition.

We want to provide Espoo residents with the best service in Finland. Let us create a healthy Espoo together!

Vacancies in care and nursing work(external link) – Apply now!

Read, how Espoo’s Home Care department has put a great deal of effort into strengthening the expertise of home care personnel. 


In Espoo, you will work in an evolving, enthusiastic and professional team. We offer you a versatile and challenging job, extensive training opportunities and the opportunity to develop professionally.

You can work as a general practitioner at the health centres of Tapiola, Leppävaara, Kilo, Espoonlahti, Kivenlahti, Iso Omena, Samaria and Kalajärvi. You can also work as a doctor in child health clinics, schools or elderly services, or you can specialise in a specific group of patients.

See the website for all our doctor vacancies(external link).


As a rehabilitation professional, you will maintain and improve the clients’ physical, mental and social ability to function. You can work in family counselling centres, pupil welfare, children’s rehabilitation services and the child psychiatry unit, for example.

Physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists help our clients in their daily lives. Among other things, they provide activities that develop physical and functional capacity for individuals and groups.

Cleaning and property maintenance

The professionals of the City of Espoo Premises Department public utility attend to the care, repairs and construction of the city’s premises and buildings as well as the maintenance and cleaning of the properties. 

Our institutional cleaners make sure that the users of the premises can work and use services in clean and tidy premises every day. Our professional property managers ensure that the buildings are in perfect condition and always enjoyable to work in.

Engineering and design

Engineers, designers and other technical professionals work to create a functional and comfortable Espoo. Finland’s second largest city offers opportunities to work with, for example, town planning, municipal engineering, the construction of transport routes and environmental management. As a technical professional, you will get to do visible work that is relevant for both residents and companies. You will see the results of your work concretely. Welcome to growing and developing Espoo! 

Administrative work

Good municipal services require good administration to support them. In addition to traditional municipal administration tasks, we offer job opportunities to lawyers, procurement and accounting professionals and communication and human resources management experts. The range of job titles is wide. The clients of the administration include both the residents of the municipality and other professionals of the city’s organisation.