Ways to get into work life

There are many ways to get into work life. Learn new skills, study, gain work experience or find a whole new career path.


  • In labour market training(external link), you complete a vocational upper secondary qualification, vocational qualification or specialist vocational qualification by working. So you get a qualification and work experience, often including a job. Labour market training is organised by the TE Office together with employers. New labour market training programmes start all the time.
  • In apprenticeship training(external link), the company will train you for the profession. This means you can work, study, get paid and gain work experience at the same time. You can complete any vocational upper secondary qualification through an apprenticeship.
  • You can also study qualifications or parts of qualifications on your own(external link). If you are planning to study, talk to your personal coach well in advance. Let us find out together what kind of study best supports your employment and whether you can study with unemployment benefit. You can also study part-time(external link).
  • Sometimes every little helps in getting a job. Courses and training increase competence and look good on the CV. Through us you can complete courses (e.g. CV writing, Finnish language and digital skills) and certificate training, such as the hygiene passport training. Ask more by email info.tyo@espoo.fi


Do you want new skills in job search, to clarify your own goals or consider alternative career paths? Coaching will help you move forward.

Competence centres

Career guidance, training, coaching and business contacts for speakers in foreign languages living in Espoo.

Pay subsidy

Pay subsidy(external link) is financial support paid by the state to an employer who hires a person who has been unemployed for a long time for an employment relationship or apprenticeship. Pay subsidy can make it easier to find a job, for example, if you

  • have been unemployed for a long time or
  • have a disability or illness that affects your work or
  • are 57 to 60 years old.

Ask your personal coach for a pay subsidy card before you have a job in mind. Pay subsidy cannot be granted after the employment relationship has begun.


Velvoitetyöllistäminen on lakisääteinen palvelu, jossa kaupunki tarjoaa tietyin ehdoin työtä 57–60 -vuotiaalle työttömälle työnhakijalle, jonka työttömyyspäiväraha-aika on täyttynyt. Työ on kokoaikatyötä, jonka kesto on enintään kuusi kuukautta. 60-vuotiaiden osalta velvoitetyö voidaan järjestää myös palveluna.

  • TE-toimisto tai työllisyyden kuntakokeilu ilmoittaa työnhakijalle oikeudesta velvoitetyöhön.
  • Jos työnhakija haluaa käyttää oikeutensa velvoitetyöhön, TE-toimisto tai työllisyyden kuntakokeilu toimittaa työllistämisilmoituksen kaupungin työllisyyspalveluihin.
  • Työllisyyspalveluiden työntekijä ottaa yhteyttä työllistettävään henkilöön ja kutsuu hänet haastatteluun.

Voit tarkistaa mahdollisen velvoitetyöoikeutesi omalta TE-toimiston asiantuntijaltasi tai työllisyyden kuntakokeilun omavalmentajaltasi.

Work trial

With the help of a work trial(external link), you can get acquainted with working life, various jobs and professions. A work trial may also be a good choice if you have been out of work for a long time or want to test how you can manage at work.

Work and learning centres

Work and learning centres and workshops provide work activities, working-life training and support for everyday life. The goal is to strengthen your occupational capacity, increase your skills and find your own path to education or work. You can come to a workshop for rehabilitative work activities, a work trial or a pay subsidy period. You can look at the vacancies.

Help for career choice

Did something on this page catch your interest? Send a message to your personal coach through the Oma asiointi e-service(external link) or by email info.tyo@espoo.fi. Together, we can find the right path to work for you.