Water services and stormwater

Water services refer to the supply of domestic water through water pipes and the reception of wastewater through wastewater sewers. Stormwater refers to rainwater and meltwater. In a built urban environment, not all stormwater can be absorbed into the soil; instead, excess water must be conducted into stormwater sewers in the same way as wastewater is conducted into wastewater sewers. Water services and stormwater systems are built in new local detailed plan areas in connection with the construction of streets and public areas. In areas without a local detailed plan, water services are supplemented in accordance with the water services development plan. Vesihuolto ja hulevesijärjestelmät rakennetaan uusille asemakaava-alueille katujen ja yleisten alueiden rakentamisen yhteydessä ja asemakaavoittamattomien alueiden vesihuoltoa täydennetään vesihuollon kehittämissuunnitelman mukaisesti.

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