Traffic networks of the future

Efficient public transport allows for a dense urban structure, reduces congestions on streets and roads, and decreases the negative impact of traffic.

The target networks for traffic illustrate Espoo’s traffic solutions in the future. The target networks include both existing connections designed for the long term and tentative connections to be designed further in the future. The target networks are variable tools. Espoo’s Traffic Planning Unit updates the target network as plans become more precise.

The target networks are divided into three networks, which are:

  • vehicle traffic
  • public transport
  • cycling

Espoo aims to increase the proportion sustainable modes of transport account for of all trips made by Espoo residents. To achieve this goal, Espoo is implementing new rail connections and planning housing, workplaces and services close to good public transport connections. Espoo’s goals regarding key public transport connections of the future are defined in the target networks of public transport. You can learn more about the connections for which planning or construction is underway on the project pages. Streets used by public transport, stop locations and connections to the stops are planned in connection with city planning. Plans are specified during street and construction planning. The lines and timetables of public transport are designed by HSL.

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