Sports and Exercise Services allots time slots in sports facilities in schools.

Sports facilities in schools, whitch have both superviced and  self superviced regular sessions, can be used during fall seosons  21 Aug - 1 Dec 2023

All Saint´s Day Mon 3 to Tues 4 Nov 2023

Sports facilities in self superviced schools can be used during fall seasons 21 Aug - 10 Dec 2023

Indipendence day 6 Dec 2023

If the school needs the facilities for its own purposes, it may cancel booked slots. Cancellations should be made by email to latest 14 days in advance.

Listed below are the schools in Espoo whose sports facilities can be rented. 

Commitment to users' self-supervision

The general terms and conditions of use of the sports facilities of Espoo Sports Services have been updated from 1.1.2023. A section "special conditions related to self-monitoring" has been added to the terms of use. When applying for school sports facilities through the resource reservation system, the user commits to the terms of use already at the application stage. Committing to the terms of use replaces the previously signed self-monitoring commitment paper. In other words, the self-monitoring commitment no longer needs to be returned if the shift has been applied for through the resource booking system.

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