Park plans

Green areas are a key part of the comfort of our living environment. Parks and other green areas are planned in collaboration with the residents, who can influence the content of the plans and contribute to the development of the living environment.

Planning process – parks

The regional general plan determines the functional and spatial structure of the planned green areas. The plan supports a consistent green network and the natural integration of the green areas to each other and the existing and developing urban structure. The plan also pays special attention to the accessibility and significance of green areas as local recreation areas for residents. The plan does not directly set out construction or maintenance actions. Instead, it guides the further planning of green areas.

Parks and green spaces are outlined in the general, site and renovation plans for the green areas. Street green areas, markets and squares are mostly planned in connection with the street plans. The plans are usually official documents subject to approval procedures in accordance with the Land Use and Building Act.


You have an opportunity to influence the decision-making during the draft plan and plan approval phases.

Planning process, nature and landscape management plans

Nature and landscape management plans describe by area how forests and meadows are managed. The plans contain information on the history of the planning area, the current state and instructions for the management for the next few years, for example. Nature and landscape management plans are a handbook for management implementers and an information package for the local residents on the planned management of the forest areas.

You have an opportunity to influence the decision-making during the draft presentation phase.