Environmental and nature-themed exhibitions provide information, insight, inspiration and aesthetic experiences. Exhibitions also allow people who have difficulties travelling in nature to examine the wonders of nature. . 

Temporary exhibitions at Nature House Villa Elfvik 

The temporary exhibitions of the Nature House provide information about a sustainable lifestyle and the biodiversity of nature.

Long live Espoo exhibition 

The main exhibition room, describing the best features of nature in Espoo, is divided into three sections: herb-rich forests, aquatic wildlife and forests. An auxiliary room displaying nature in wetlands allows visitors to study the birds and the underwater world of the Laajalahti Nature Reserve. From there, you can also get to a balcony with nests. 

In addition, the exhibition includes a collection of nature-themed maps, information about threats to nature in Espoo and actions to preserve it. You can also consider what you could do to protect nature yourself. At the exhibition, you can select one of the actions printed on pieces of plywood and hang it on a peg where you think your help is needed.  You can also pick up brochures about, for example, nature trails in Espoo.