If the construction work subject to a building permit is not started within three years or completed within five years, the permit expires.An action permit, demolition permit or landscape work permit pires if the action is not carried out within three years. The time limit starts to run from the date on which the permit becomes legally valid. Upon separate application, the municipal Building Control authority may extend the validity of the permit for the commencement of work by a maximum of two years, provided that the legal conditions for the construction or other action are still valid. The period of validity of a permit to commence work may be extended only once. The time limits for completion of the work may be extended by up to three years at a time.

An action permit (letter R in the permit identifier), demolition permit (letter P in the permit identifier) or landscape work permit (letter T in the permit identifier) expires if the action is not carried out within three years. 

Note: If the original permit was granted for a temporary building or action, a derogation permit, applied for from the Urban Planning Department, is required in order to exceed the maximum period of five years. 

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