A permanent right of use, i.e. an easement, may be established to benefit a plot in the area of another plot. An easement established in this procedure remains valid even if the plot owners change.  The most common easements are road easements and various types of easements regarding water and sewerage pipes, power cables, etc., and easements established for keeping cars. An easement may also be established for a waste collection place. Easements are established at the request of the owner in connection with the parcelling procedure or in a separate easement survey, and their establishment usually requires an easement agreement between the plot owners.  The establishment of an easement in connection with plot parcelling costs €120 per easement. A separate easement survey, establishing 1 easement, costs €500. The cost of each subsequent easement is €120. The easement survey takes approximately 1-2 months. In urgent cases, the applicant can speed up the process by obtaining written acceptance for it from all parties. 

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