During summertime, Espoo´s seven carpet washing sites are available to all residents free of charge. All carpet washing sites have carpet washing basins of different sizes, wringers, drying racks, and a table and chairs or a bench. The water comes to the washing sites from the municipal water supply network, and the wastewater is conveyed into the municipal sewer network. The most environmentally friendly way to wash carpets is at a designated site equipped with sewers. It is prohibited to wash carpets in the sea, lakes, or other bodies of water. The same applies on dry land if the washing water ends up in a body of water or a ditch. Washing carpets in the sea and lakes harms the environment and causes, for example, clouding of water and overgrowth of algae. Remember to clean up after using the washing site: close the taps and put your litter in the bin. This makes carpet washing more pleasant for everyone and helps to keep carpet washing sites operational throughout the summer. Carpet washing sites are intended for carpet washing only and are open in weeks 18-38, i.e. from the beginning of May until mid-September, depending on weather conditions.

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