Building easements

The building permit may require establishing an easement. An easement means a right of the property to use or correspondingly utilise another property. Building easements are established and can be removed based on an application at the Building Control Department. An easement is established by a lawyer.

The formation of the easement requires that the parties agree on it in writing.  

A building easement can only be formed for the prescribed types of easements, the rights listed in Section 80 of the Land Use and Building Decree(external link)

The building easement is entered in the property register, in which case it also binds future owners of the property

Building or plot easement? 

Building easements are handled at the Building Control Department.  

If, on the other hand, a permanent right of use is to be formed for a plot in favour of another plot, this is an easement under the Real Estate Formation Act (plot easement), which is formed at the Technical Services Department of the City of Espoo in connection with a plot parcelling procedure or a separate easement procedure. Further information on plot easements can be obtained from the City Survey Department’s customer service(extrernal link)

Sometimes it may be difficult to tell apart building easements from easements under the Real Estate Formation Act (plot easement). The most typical sources of confusion are parking spaces, household waste collection points and various lines and sewers. 

Formation of a building easement

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