Storhemtinpelto, Vävarsinpelto


Espoo Public Works Department is preparing a park plan for Storhemtinpelto, Storhemtinpuisto and Vävarsinkumpu. The plan includes changes to the parks of Storhemtinreitti and Smedsbäcken. Storhemtinreitti and Smedsbäcken are in Suurpelto, north of Opinmäen koulu primary school and west of Nygrannas bridge.

The aim is to create a flood barrier in the park to delay storm water in the area in the event of a flood. The flood barrier will be built at the current Storhemtinreitti park walkway by raising Storhemtinreitti. In connection with the flood structure, a culvert located under Storhemtinreitti will be replaced. Storhemtinreitti will be fitted into the surroundings with gentle, meadowed ramps to maintain the sense of an open landscape. Natural stones will be used in the landscaping of the culvert. The aim is to preserve the trees in the vicinity.

The draft plan will be presented in public from 30 January to 13 February 2023 on the park project website of the City of Espoo.

Take part in the project at The draft plan will be open for comments at starting from 30 January 2023. The draft can be commented on until 13 February 2023 at link).

After the commenting period, the plan will be updated and approved. The official plans will appear on the park project website in March 2023.

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