Oblique aerial view of the western part of the planning area in 2017.
Oblique aerial view of the western part of the planning area in 2017. Photo: City of Espoo (MapSpace oblique views).

Karakallio-Uusmäki land use review

Land use reviewsLeppävaara

The City Planning Department is exploring opportunities for developing the Karakallio-Uusmäki area. Background information: The allocation for the Ring II extension was removed from the regional plan, and now additional housing and services in the area are being explored. The area is largely not governed by a local detailed plan. As part of the land use review, a district plan will be prepared for Uusmäki (formerly Kuninkaankolmio). Neither the land use review nor the district plan will result in a legally binding local detailed plan. They will later be used for town planning.

Plan name

Karakallio-Uusmäki maankäytöntarkastelu




Espoon kaupunki

The Karakallio-Uusmäki land use review seeks planning solutions for the coming decades and options for the implementation of the area. The aim of the land use review is to create the preconditions for climate-wise development. Karakallio-Uusmäki has good transport connections, and a public transport trunk line is being planned for the area. A local detailed plan is pending along the route of the planned trunk line (Lintulaaksontie 117600). 


Heini-Sofia Iho

Master Planning Officer, Suur-Leppävaara ja Suur-Tapiola+358 40 6394883Tekniikantie 15, Otaniemi

Aulis Palola

Transportation engineer, Traffic planning for master plans+358 43 8252605Tekniikantie 15, Otaniemi