The preliminary borders of the planning area are presented in the map image.

Kaitaa–Iivisniemi green area concept


The work will develop a concept for the green areas of Kaitaa and Iivisniemi to serve as a framework for future development and planning of the area. The concept will cover several different areas of planning and will be created in interaction with the users and residents of the area.





Location of the planning area

The planning area covers the following green areas and parks in full or in part: Kaitaanlaakso, Kaitaanmetsä, Iivisniemenkallio, Iivisniemenpelto, Iivisniemenpuisto, Hyljemäenpelto, Hyljepuisto, Kuuttipuisto, Hyljelahdenkenttä and Hyljeouri.

Content of the concept 

The concept presents space reservations for various activities and rough suggestions for their location. The area already hosts many activities, and the completed concept will include playgrounds, a neighbourhood sports site, the Iivisniemi field dog enclosure and the Kaitaa allotment area, as well as mobility as a whole.

The work will examine the routes of pedestrian and bicycle traffic in the area and their development needs, such as the routing and lighting of Länsibaana. In addition, the need for a connection from Sammentie past the West Metro gap to the current walkway will be examined. The situation of Rajaoja creek’s storm water will be reviewed, and how the risks of storm water and sea floods can be managed in the planning area will be investigated. The means may include, for example, storm water delaying solutions in green areas and/or parks. The concept will also examine the space requirements of underground infrastructure and rough estimates of the necessary subgrade reinforcements.

Values of the area, such as key nature and landscape values, will be identified. In addition, guidance will be provided for further planning to maintain and enhance biodiversity.

The concept will be prepared at the general plan level as a guide for the more detailed park and construction planning phase. Park and construction plans will be drawn up for each park in smaller sections in the coming years, and construction will begin only after these plans are ready. Interaction will also be continued in future planning projects.

Interaction and schedule 

The concept is being developed in interaction with various stakeholders and local residents. A walking tour for residents was held on 9 November 2022 to support the planning process. During the walking tour, participants discussed the goals and preconditions of the concept.

After the tour, we opened a discussion on the website. The discussion has now been closed, but you can still find it through this link.(external link)

In March, people had a chance to comment on the draft concept for the Kaitaa-Iivisniemi green areas through an online platform, and we received a large number of excellent comments and development ideas. You can find a summary of the map survey responses under Attachments.

The planning team has gone through the responses and will take them into consideration in the finalisation of the concept plan as much as possible. The final planning solution depends on many factors, and more emphasis will be placed on the aspects that attracted the most comments. For example, the new park route to Sammentie received a large number of negative feedback and will therefore be excluded from the plan.

Draft concept to be completed in autumn 2023

The green area concept for the Kaitaa-Iivisniemi area will be completed during the autumn and will provide a framework for the development of the area and the next phases of planning. The concept will outline the areas reserved for different activities and needs, such as playgrounds, exercise facilities and pedestrian and cycling routes. The work includes identifying the natural and landscape values of the area and presenting recommendations for aspects to be considered in further planning.

The concept will create a development framework, based on which the city can promote park and construction planning related to smaller sections of the area in the coming years. We will continue to interact with local residents and users of the area throughout the planning process.

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