Kaisankuja, Satukuja, Satukuja LP-1 area and Kala-Matin raitti

Streets and trafficMatinkylä

The work is related to the plan amendment of Satukuja 3 and the development of land use in the area. The work concerns the following streets and parking area: Kaisankuja between Tiistiläntie and Kala-Matin raitti, Satukuja, Satukuja LP-1 area (parking area) and Kala-Matin raitti at plot 32020/1. The streets and parking area will undergo small changes and cables will be relocated. The streets will be renovated, and their surface materials and lighting as well as the plants in the parking area will be replaced. The efficiency of drainage will be ensured.

The street plans will be available for public review from 14 to 28 February 2022.

Contact information

Mariika Lehto

Area Manager+358 40 636 8610Tekniikantie 15, Otaniemi

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