Our Park

The aim of the Our Park project is to remove obstacles that prevent residents from participating in the maintenance of their local environment. Residents can help keep their local environment in better shape than what is possible with the city’s resources.

Our Park is part of the Participatory Espoo development programme that is linked to the Espoo Story. Our initial aim was to find a new way of doing things together. This led to the creation of the Our Park concept. The concept combines residents’ wishes for an improved local environment with the possibility to participate in maintenance activities without this resulting in significant additional costs for the city. So far, more than a hundred Our Park maintenance permits have been granted in different parts of Espoo. All maintenance areas have been marked with a Meidän puisto (“Our Park”) sign.

What can I do?

You can, for example, cut the grass, clear small trees, remove invasive species and cut reeds near your home. Under the Our Park project, the clearing of trees is limited to brushwood that can be cut with loppers. Permits are not granted for the purpose of extending a yard area into a city park. Planting permits are only granted in exceptional situations. Structures may not be built in a maintenance area.

Permit for maintenance activities

You are not allowed to carry out maintenance activities in a city-owned area without a permit. Permits are always given in writing, and they include the related conditions and a map of the area in question. The permit specifies the responsible persons, and the permit holder must respect the natural values of the area. The most important principle is that the maintenance areas are available to all residents for recreational use.

All maintenance activities are based on the city’s plan  concerning the use of a specific area. The city’s aim in terms of the project is to achieve more without increasing the costs.

How can I join?

If you want to take care of your local area, you can suggest it through our online system(external link) (in Finnish and Swedish) under “Yleisten alueiden luvat” (public area permits). All applications are processed through the permit system. In your application, tell us what you would like to do, include pictures of the area and mark the boundaries of the area on the map. We will then together agree on the principles of cleaning and maintaining the area. If you have questions about the concept, you can send an email to meidanpuisto@espoo.fi 

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