The Youth Council elections will be held again this autumn!

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Photo: Taru Turpeinen

From September onwards, the autumn will be filled with candidate nominations and election buzz, as the election of a new Youth Council approaches.

The Youth Council (NuVa) is a body set out in the Local Government Act to represent the voice of young people in the City’s decision-making process. In Espoo, young people are involved in the decision-making process of the City to a significant degree, as NuVa has the right to speak at and attend the meetings of the City Board, the City Council and all City committees. The Youth Council also has its own monthly general assembly. In addition to this, NuVa exerts its influence by making statements, taking initiatives and stating positions, as well as by organising events.

The aim of the Youth Council is to increase young people's understanding of and skills in social activities and civic participation. Being a member of the Youth Council is a socially participatory and activating learning experience.

The Youth Council elections are held every two years, so the election buzz will be back this autumn. All young people who turn 13–18 during the election year and whose official municipality of residence is Espoo can vote and stand for election. Everyone entitled to vote votes in their own educational institution during the school day on voting days chosen by the institution. Those not attending an educational institution in Espoo can vote at the City’s Service Points during their opening hours.

Election panels will start in schools and, where possible, also in other educational institutions once the candidate list has been approved. Election panels will be held up to the election week, and candidates are encouraged to campaign throughout the autumn. Candidates can tell about themselves through their active campaigning. They can also organise fun events for other pupils, for example. 

The term of the elected Youth Council is two years. The next term will start on 1 January 2024 and end at the end of December of the following year, 31 December 2025. A total of 40 council members are elected based on the number of votes they receive.

More information on NuVa and the Youth Council elections.

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