Night-time access between Tapiola bus terminals via Merituulentori

24.5.2023 10.23
The map shows the nighttime routes valid for the time being between Tapiola's bus terminals.

Night-time access between the Tapiola bus terminals has temporarily been arranged through Merituulentori and the covered Merituulentori bicycle parking facility.

The bus terminals are located on both sides of Merituulentie. During the daytime, you can go through the Ainoa shopping centre, but the shopping centre is closed at night.

The southern terminal, where platforms 10 and 11 are located, has night-time elevator access to Merituulentori and the bicycle parking facility. If you walk through Merituulentori, you can find the elevator and escalator building located on the northern side of the square. From there, you can access the northern terminal and platforms 1–7. You can access the escalator building from both Sammonsilta and the outdoor steps that you can find on the Länsituuli street.

The southern terminal also has night-time elevator access to Helmakuja.

The route is available to all pedestrians between Itätuulenkuja and Länsituuli.

Some bus terminal facilities have been closed at night, but the terminals are now fully open at night. The signage in the area will be improved.

Night-time routes previously ran through temporary bridges. The bridges cannot be used at the moment because the City of Espoo closed them on 12 May.

The city decided to close and inspect all temporary bridges in the area due to the collapse of one of the bridges on Thursday 11 May. Several young people were injured when a temporary bridge collapsed on Itätuulenkuja.