Emptying of litter bins delayed

26.5.2023 11.29
Litter bin, sand way and forest.
Litter bin along the Matinniitty footpath. Photo: City of Espoo media bank

In recent days, we have received a lot of feedback concerning full litter bins. In some areas of Espoo, litter bins have not been emptied because the new contractor has not been aware of all the sites they are responsible for. We apologise for the inconvenience and the fact that we have not been able to respond to every feedback message.

We are now aware of the situation and have urged the contractor to empty all the unemptied litter bins without further delay. They will also pick up all the litter within five metres of each bin. The contractor has promised to carry out these tasks by the end of this week.

Some bins are emptied more often than others

In the future, litter bins will be emptied as agreed once a week or once every two weeks. Along the busiest routes, the bins are emptied several times a week.

We also want to remind everyone not to leave litter next to full bins, as birds may spread it further away.

Litter bins are intended for small pieces of rubbish, including dog poop bags. You should take larger items, such as pizza boxes and cardboard coffee cups, home with you so that you can recycle them with cardboard.

Let’s keep Espoo nice and clean!

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