Matinkylä swimming pool defects to be repaired as soon as possible

17.3.2023 10.25

The Premises Department has received a lot of feedback on the defects of the Matinkylä swimming pool, which opened one year ago. The management of the Premises Department is aware of the problems.

The building contract has a two-year guarantee period, during which the contractors are responsible for repairing any defects. Starting from 5 June, the swimming pool will be closed for a summer break, during which more extensive repairs will be carried out in the shower areas and sauna facilities. During shorter weekly maintenance breaks, we will monitor the quality of cleaning and carry out smaller maintenance tasks.

The Premises Department continuously cooperates with contractors and the City of Espoo’s Sports and Exercise Services in order to get any issues with the swimming pool fixed as soon as possible.

The Premises Department apologises for the inconvenience caused by the defects.


Maija Lehtinen,, Managing Director, Premises Department, City of Espoo