Four entries taking part in the Espoo House architectural competition

1.3.2023 6.09Updated: 14.3.2023 11.38
 An aerial view of Espoon keskus, showing buildings, railway tracks and forest.
The Espoo House will be located north to the station area.Photo: Suomen Ilmakuva Oy

The modern hybrid building to be constructed in Espoon keskus will combine premises for decision-making, city administration and residential use. The competition entries are available for comments until 28 March. The aim of the competition, organised by the City of Espoo, is to find resident-oriented and cost-effective solutions for the premises. The competition is also an essential part of the more extensive development of the Espoon keskus area.

The architectural competition for the planning of the Espoo House, to be located in Espoon keskus, is currently underway in cooperation with the Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA). Four working groups were selected to continue in the competition, and their entries are entitled Kohtaamisia, Kontrapunkti, Lehteri and Virta. The entries will be made available for residents to view and comment on the City of Espoo website. Comments can be submitted until 28 March. The feedback received will be utilised when evaluating the competition entries. 

The evaluation will focus on the functionality, attraction, comfort and feasibility of the overall solutions. The final selection will be made by the beginning of June, at which time a competition exhibition will also be held at Entresse Library in Espoon keskus. 

The competition area is located on the north side of the Espoo railway station on the site of an old office building and will form a key part of the functional and urban heart of Espoon keskus. The Espoo House will combine premises for city administration, diverse services, cultural and business premises as well as spaces that serve both decision-making and cooperation with residents. The new premises will bring together city units and services that are currently scattered across various locations, bringing savings to the operating costs of the city’s administrative premises and making services easily accessible for residents. In addition to the Espoo House, the competition area will include new residential construction for nearly 600 residents, a grocery shop and a variety of business premises. 

“The Espoon keskus area currently has roughly 30,000 residents, and the number will grow in the future. The construction of the Espoo House is a major step towards developing the area into an attractive urban centre where services are easily accessible,” says Olli Isotalo, Director of Urban Environment. 

The area’s detailed plan will be revised based on the winning competition entry. The winning plan may also be further developed during the planning process. 

Espoon keskus to be developed with respect for the local identity  

Espoon keskus is one of the five urban centres in Espoo, and it also serves as Espoo’s administrative centre. The Espoo House architectural competition is part of the more extensive development of Espoon keskus. The aim of the development work is to produce a high-quality urban environment.  

“The diversification of the station area plays a key role in the development of Espoon keskus,” says Project Manager Mikko Kivinen.

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