Impact of the potential bus drivers’ strike on travel to school

28.2.2023 14.04

The Finnish Transport Workers’ Union (AKT) and the Trade Union for the Public and Welfare Sectors (JHL) have issued a notice of a strike by bus drivers. If the negotiations fail and an agreement cannot be reached, the strike will begin on Wednesday 1 March at 3:00 and end on Friday 10 March at 3:00. If the strike goes ahead, it will have a major impact on bus services in the capital region.

The strike will affect pupils and students who travel to school by public transport. Replacement transport services will not be organised. School taxis and charter buses that take pupils to temporary school premises will run as usual. Any charter buses organised for children attending early childhood education will also run as usual.

Basic education

Basic education will be provided in accordance with the normal schedules in spite of the potential strike.

If a pupil has to stay at home due to a lack of transport services, the pupil or their guardian has to submit an absence notification through Wilma.

General upper secondary education

General upper secondary schools will provide contact teaching during the potential strike.

Early childhood education, pre-primary education and clubs

Early childhood education and pre-primary education will be provided as usual despite the potential strike. Early childhood education clubs will also be organised as usual.

We ask guardians to inform early childhood education units of their children’s absences through eVaka.

Any public transport trips planned will be cancelled during the strike.

  • Growth and Learning
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Basic Education
  • General Upper Secondary Education