Residents in Espoo met at KAMU on January 24th

31.1.2023 12.41
A photograph of the workshop in a KAMU exhibition room. Residents are sitting in small groups around tables. Community Manager Kirsi Ojala is giving a presentation, which is projected onto a screen. On the walls, there are exhibition materials from the Leads to Our Roots exhibition.

Residents in Espoo met at KAMU on January 24th at a workshop about the cultural environment and sustainable development.

KAMU's community manager Kirsi Ojala started the evening with a talk about the museum's cultural environment work, the cultural environment program and sociocultural sustainable development in Espoo. After the introduction there was the neighborhoods of Espoo discussed and there came ideas about how to make the important places, buildings and cultural environment more known and familiar to the residents of Espoo. In addition there were new ways thought about cooperation between the city and other actors in the city in relation to sustainability.

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