KAMU made a new record of 165,000 visitors in 2022

23.1.2023 13.33
Talvinen Talomuseo Glims.

KAMU Espoo City Museum’s sites reached their new all-time visitor record in 2022. A total of 165,018 visitors visited KAMU's museums.

Of the five different museums of KAMU, the most popular was the old inn, Glims Farmstead Museum, with 78,739 visitors. The second most popular destination was with 61,420 visitors KAMU in WeeGee, where an exhibition based on DNA research and genetic information made for the first time in Finland aroused great interest in the audience. The "Clues to Our Roots" exhibition is still open until January 29, 2023. The Archipelago Museum Pentala, located in the Espoo archipelago, also reached its new record, which was 21,554 visitors during the summer of 2022.

KAMU's digital services were developed during the year and were also used more than before. The most popular services were the craft videos on KAMU's YouTube channel.

During 2022, Espoo's cultural environment program, ESKO, was also completed, the goal of which is to identify Espoo's valuable cultural environments and, together with the residents and organizations consider what opportunities the areas offer and how they are managed and used. The decision-making and protection work regarding the cultural environment is made based on the cultural environment program.

"Museums have been more popular than ever during 2022, which might be influenced by the fact that Glims and Pentala are also good outdoor destinations. Also, KAMU in WeeGee, our history museum in Tapiola, was more popular than before as museums are easy destinations to visit alone or together with friends. In addition, WeeGee's Mauri Kunnas exhibition and EMMA's Kakkonen Collection brought new customers to KAMU. And WeeGee was the third most popular destination in Finland among museum card holders," says museum director Maarit Henttonen.

During the year, KAMU also developed community action models with the residents. In 2022, Kampparit, a group of museum customers and volunteers, started at KAMU to develop the museum's operations together with the staff. In accordance with the updated strategy, KAMU is a museum for the residents of Espoo, it tells about the past, influences the present and creates a sustainable future together with the citizens of Espoo.

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