Procurement of cultural services for children, young people and elderly is being renewed – What should you know?

8.12.2022 11.29

The City of Espoo is renewing the procurement of art education model for early childhood education, pre-primary and comprehensive education, secondary level education and elderly people.  Models include Culture Call, KULPS Culture path and Culture Chain.

A dynamic register of service providers will be used in the planned procurement. The aim of the procurement renewal process is to improve the use of public funds and facilitate high-quality, innovative and sustainable procurements. Moreover, the procurement model also enables companies and organisations to have an equal opportunity to provide art education and elderly people’s cultural services. With the procurement model, we want to ensure that we can provide an even greater variety of high-quality services to children, young people and the elderly in future. 

Procurement process

The procurement process has two stages. At the first stage, a service provider should apply to the dynamic register of providers. At the second stage, providers accepted to the register can provide services directed at art education target groups and the elderly. Invitations to tender will only be sent to those in the register moving forward and bids will not be accepted from anywhere else.

An invitation to join the register of providers is due to be published between January and February at ( link)). We recommend that you log into the service beforehand and turn on alerts for procurement notices that include the word kulttuuri. The invitation will only be published in Finnish.

Stay informed

Your organisation or company should consider joining the “Procurement of art and cultural services for children and the elderly” email list. If you want to join the list, send an email to link). We will send information on the procurement schedule by email to those on the list as well as a message once the invitation to join has been published. 

An information session on the objective and technical implementation of the procurement was arranged in October. You can watch the recording through this link(external link).

If you have any questions or comments regarding the procurement, you can contact us by phone or email before the invitation to join is published. 

Contact for procurement content related matters

Elina Pulli

Specialist, culture services of the elderly+358 46 8773888

Sanja Honkanen Skoog

Senior Specialist, Swedish Education and Cultural Services+358 40 5072156

Contact for procurement technical matters