More sports and recreation services being planned for Turvesuo, Laajalahti

1.12.2022 6.59
A combined illustration of the golf centre expansion and the sports halls.
A combined illustration of the golf centre expansion and the sports halls. Image: ARK BRUT architecture agency (image on the left) and A-Factor Oy (image on the right).Photo: Arkkitehtitoimisto ARK BRUT (vasen kuva) ja A-Factor Oy (oikea kuva).

A complex with new sports and recreation services, similar to a sports park, is being planned in Laajalahti. The club building of Tapiola Golf Centre will be expanded, and the east side of Turveradantie street will have new sports halls that include tennis and padel courts, among others.

The amendment to the detailed plan allows for sports and recreation facilities to be built in Laajalahti. At the moment, the area includes the golf course, club building and maintenance facilities of Tapiola Golf. The golf centre aims to use its remaining permitted building volume so that the services in the expanded club building would also support the services of the upcoming sports centre across Turveradantie, in addition to the golf centre’s own services.

The expansion of the club building will include sports and recreation facilities, restaurant and commercial facilities, and other types of facilities. The expansion also allows the golf centre to build accommodation facilities that it did not have before. The range canopy next to the club building will also be expanded. With the expansion project, the number of storeys increases from three to five. Hospitality facilities are being planned for the highest section of the building.

The new sports centre on the other side of Turveradantie will consist of three sports halls and outdoor sports fields. Two of the sports halls will include tennis courts. The third hall is planned as a multi-purpose hall where customers can play padel and floorball, among other sports. In addition to games courts, the sports halls will include facilities for other types of exercise, offices and restaurants, such as a café and a lunch restaurant with an outdoor terrace. The yard is planned to have several tennis and padel courts and parking spaces for the service users.

The Turvesuo area, literally named ‘the peat bog,’ consists of bogland. This is why the planning pays special attention to stormwater control and the moisture balance of the remaining wetlands. Stormwater will be collected from a wide area and led to Gräsanoja ditch via Mankkaanpuro brook through pipelines.

The City Planning Committee will discuss the public review of the proposed detailed plan in its meeting on 8 December 2022. During the public review, objections can be submitted on the plan proposal. The City Council will decide on the final approval of the proposed detailed plan.

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