Safer culture experiences for all - Espoo wants to know residents’ views on events and cultural services

21.11.2022 12.30

At the culture services of Espoo, we want to make sure that the culture premises and culture services of the City of Espoo are safe. We develop the safety of the premises and services because we want to provide equal services to all our customers.

Respond to the questionnaire and help us to improve the safety of the culture services. Answering will take between 5 and 10 minutes. You can answer the questionnaire until 12.00 on 2 December. Your opinions and experiences are important for us. They help us to develop our services in the right direction. The answers are confidential.

We will use the results of the questionnaire when we develop the safer space principles of the culture services of Espoo. These principles are instructions that explain how people should behave so that everyone feels safe in the events and premises. The safer space instructions of Espoo culture services will be completed in spring 2023.

We also collect thoughts and experiences from residents and customers in group interviews and workshops.
In addition to this questionnaire, would you also like to take part in a group interview or workshops? Register for an interview or workshops at the end of this questionnaire.

Click this link to start the questionnaire.(external link)