MyEspoo website introduction delayed  

27.10.2022 13.41

Since 2021, the City of Espoo has been developing a new electronic services website, MyEspoo. It has now been decided to take time-out in introducing the site. 

Well-being and health services will be transferred to the Western Uusimaa Wellbeing Services County at the turn of the year, digital services for childcare and education will be developed in the DigiOne project, and Espoo's municipal information system, which carries out obligations imposed on municipalities by the Land Use and Building Act, will be put out to tender. All these will have a significant impact on the delivery and introduction of the electronic services that will come to MyEspoo.  

"As there is a lot of development work going on, we are taking a time-out to make sure that the service processes are ready for the launch of MyEspoo. For example, in cooperation with the wellbeing services county, we want to ensure that the electronic use of health services that are important to the residents is also facilitated when dealing with different services between the city and the wellbeing services county," says Veera Vihula, Project Manager.   

The development of electronic services to continue   

Despite the time-out in introducing the MyEspoo website, the development of electronic services is continuing.  

Customer service is updating the telephone and switchboard system to be more modern and the website is being developed to make it easier to find information. New tools for participation will also be introduced in 2023.   

"We remain committed to developing our electronic services and the MyEspoo website, i.e. the service portal. But for now, it's better to be patient and wait for the big reforms affecting services to come through. The implementation schedule can be reassessed at the end of 2023," says Piia Wollstén, Development Manager and project owner.  

Customer needs will continue to be the starting point for development. You can give us feedback concerning our electronic services: link)    

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