Kilometrikisa competition for cyclists ended – almost 300 City employees participated

29.9.2022 12.52Updated: 18.10.2022 12.48
Two people cycling
Kilometrikisa competitors were allowed to log both their commute and trips made during leisure time.Photo: Tuire Ruokosuo

Like the previous years, the City of Espoo participated in the Kilometrikisa competition that promotes commuter and everyday cycling. Kilometrikisa is a playful competition between work communities, departments, associations, clubs or any other kind of teams. The competition ran from 1 May to 22 September 2022. A total of 286 employees across City of Espoo departments participated, making up 37 teams.

In the Kilometrikisa(external link) competition, the participants log their cycling kilometres and minutes on the competition website and accumulate their team’s result. In addition to commuting, participants were also able to log their cycling during leisure time.

Kilometrikisa is free of charge for all participants, and it is organised by Pyöräilykuntien verkosto ry.  

The competition results also showed the kilometres by municipality. For each cyclist who logged data for their home municipality, their kilometres were also counted towards their municipality’s results. 

Cyclists raised funds for charity to support Ukrainians

We cycled to keep fit while also raising funds for charity. Once again, Espoo organised its own charity campaign during the competition. This year, the funds raised were donated for charity to Kaivo Espoo ry, an NGO that currently focuses in helping Ukrainians who have fled the war.

In the charity campaign, the kilometres cycled by all teams were combined and multiplied by €0.04 per kilometre. For example, if a person cycled for 1,000 kilometres, they raised 40 euros. 

In the 2022 competition, 286 City of Espoo employees cycled for almost 222,088 kilometres. We raised a total of 8,884 euros for our charity. Our cycling trips saved 15,530 litres of petrol and reduced carbon dioxide emissions by over 38 tonnes. 

Let’s keep cycling even after the competition. We wish to thank everyone who participated – please join again next year!  

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