Forest information and experiences in Juvanmalmi for children living in Espoo

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Children and adults in forest.
Forest week of school pupils is about learning in a genuine environment.Photo: Vilma Issakainen, Suomen Metsäyhdistys

The use of forests, their carbon sequestration and wood as a raw material are topics learnt already in primary school. During the Forest week of school pupils, fifth and sixth graders get to explore topical themes in the form of assignment points. The Forest week of school pupils is currently taking place in Juvanmalmi, Espoo.

With the help of experts, school pupils are given the opportunity to explore, for example, the diversity of forest and wood-based products. The programme also includes pupils’ all-time favourite assignment points: planting a tree, felling a tree with a forest harvester and a campfire snack.

The week offers children living in an urban environment the opportunity to explore a forest as well as forest-based work and leisure activities. The topics of the excursion, such as the sustainable use of natural resources and biodiversity, have been derived from the curriculum of primary schools.

Almost a thousand school pupils on forest trails

Almost a thousand school pupils get to tour the 3-hour forest assignment trail with their own class during the week.

“Feedback from the pupils is full of enthusiasm and inspiration. Sometimes, pupils have been sceptical about going to the forest, but in the end the excursion has been even more fun than visiting a candy factory! Often, schoolchildren mention the easy-going logger, planting their own tree or petting a hunting dog as the best part of the excursion. Eating snacks in the rain and getting wellies stuck in a muddy trail have also been mentioned as the funniest memories. The success of the excursion is also due to the lovely experts who take into account the pupils’ age,” says Anne Turunen, Communications Specialist, Forest Pedagogics at the Finnish Forest Association.

The Forest week of school pupils is organised in alternating years for school pupils in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa. The 21st Forest week is celebrated this year. The week is organised by a network of about twenty operators led by the Finnish Forest Association. The main sponsor of the event is the Finnish Forest Foundation.

21. Pääkaupunkiseudun koululaisten metsäviikko – Finnish Forest Association ( link)


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