Start-ups evolve through problem testing

3.6.2022 8.28Updated: 3.6.2022 9.25

It is often thought that ‘start-up’ just refers to business model that involves starting a business and seeking funding. However, there is another crucial difference compared to the traditional business model.

  • Traditional business operations involve designing a business model and considering  the type of customer to which the product or service is to be sold. The operations are financed by business income.
  • Start-up operations start from the problem-solving perspective. An identified problem is pondered and tested and the model is developed in small steps for as long as the solution to the problem is considered to lead to a profitable business. Test rounds are fast and the problem setting can change radically during them.

At BE Studio, Nea Harjanne, CEO of Kiuas Accelerator, talks step by step about the model for developing a start-up idea into a business.

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Harjanne emphasises that start-up development work progresses in very small steps while testing the ideas. Based on the results, the hypothesis can change for up to twenty rounds before approaching the solution. A problem setting that ends up in business, must be such that it is a sore spot for as many people as possible and, by solving it, it is possible to create a profitable business. It is often said that an idea is valid, but something is missing.

In addition to crystallising the problem, start-ups typically look for partners to bring the necessary expertise to the team to support their own area of expertise.

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