Residents’ parks in Suvela, Tapiola, Matinkylä, Viherkallio and Soukka open throughout the summer

Published: 28.6.2022 10.10
Three kids are looking in the camera outside. Two of them are wearing cat ears.
Photo: Taru Turpeinen

The residents’ parks that are open during the summer offer visitors a wide range of fun summer activities.

Some residents’ parks will be closed from 4 to 29 July 2022, but the ones in Suvela, Tapiola, Matinkylä, Viherkallio and Soukka will be open throughout the summer. These parks will be open in the summer between 8:00 and 16:00, with staff on hand to guide and play with visitors. During the summer, activities will mainly take place outdoors, but visitors will also have access to the indoor areas and toilets, for example.

Residents’ parks will organise a wide range of summer activities and fun things to do in the summer for children of all ages and their parents and guardians. There will be a variety of free daily activities, which will vary from park to park. The residents’ parks are also a great place to spend time independently and play games or just have fun. The playground toys are available for visitors to use.

Schoolchildren are welcome to spend time in the parks. You can even spend the whole day there! However, please note that the staff of the residents’ parks are not responsible for the care of the children. Children are always under the responsibility of their guardian in the park. Children under school age may come to the park only if accompanied by a guardian.

You can have your own snacks or lunch in the park. Some residents’ parks also offer barbecue facilities for grilling your own food. You can view the summer programme for each residents park in our calendar(extrernal link) (select the residents’ park you want from the drop-down menu).

Highlights from the parks’ summer programme:

  • Suvela residents’ park

    • Barbecue opportunity on Fridays 10:30–12:00
    • Activities by the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare on Tuesdays
    • A changing programme
  • Tapiola residents’ park

    • Non-stop art workshop with a different theme every day from around 10:00 onwards
    • A changing programme and water games on warm days
  • Matinkylä residents’ park

    • Barbecue opportunity on Fridays 9:30–12:00
    • Baby club on Mondays 9:30–11:00
    • Outdoor water games every day
    • Plus a changing programme of music, rhymes, crafts, games, etc.
  • Viherkallio residents’ park

    • Barbecue opportunity on Fridays around 10:45–11:30
    • Daily guided session at 10:00
  • Soukka residents’ park

    • Barbecue opportunity on Fridays around 10:00–12:00
    • A changing programme of activities, such as picture orienteering, watercolour painting and water games on hot days.
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Growth and Learning
  • Basic Education
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