New Espoo Info to take to the streets

2.6.2022 11.59Updated: 24.8.2022 7.04
 Two people are standing and one is showing the other something on the tablet.
The first customers of Espoo Info's mobile service were introduced to HSL's mobile app.Photo: Hanna Kautto

The service advisors of the new Espoo Info have started a mobile service, i.e. they are taking digital support and service advice directly to the people who benefit from them, such as residents of senior service centres.

“We provide mobile advisory services under the Espoo Info name in areas where we will be closing down existing service points. In Espoonlahti, the service started this May, and we will take to the streets in August in the Espoo Centre area. Later, the service will also be introduced in Tapiola. We are currently mapping places where our mobile advisory services could go,” says Customer Service Director Kirsi Remes.

Come along and learn more about the service

On Tuesday 24 May, Espoo Info's mobile advice service took its first trip to the Elä ja asu senior centre in Soukka. There were only a few customers present, but that meant that they were able to receive more in-depth familiarisation with e.g. the installation of HSL's mobile app and the City's feedback channel. We also exchanged contact details and discussed other locations for Espoo Info to visit.

“The staff of the Senior Centre told us about their activities and we worked together to think of ways to support the well-being of older residents in Espoo. It is important for us to be familiar with each other's work so that we can guide our common customers: Espoo Info can direct people to day activities and other hobbies and services for older people can refer people to us, if the customer needs support or advice in using public services, for example,” says Customer Service Manager Hanna Kautto, who was along for the visit.

Espoo Info's activities will gradually be shaped together with customers through experiments.

The mobile service will be tested between May and June at least in these locations:

Tue 31 May at 11.30–15.00 Kivenkolo Community Center
Thu 9 June at 13.30–15.00 Senioripaku – Espoo's Elderly People’s Van, Glims Farmstead Museum
Tue 14 June at 12.00–16.00 Elä ja asu senior centre in Soukka Cancelled due to illness.
Thu 16 June at 13.00–15.00 Meeting place Meriemy in Kivenlahti

Upcoming locations will be updated on the website Mobile Espoo Info schedule

Tell us where Espoo Info should go

At first, Espoo Info will visit locations in the Espoonlahti area, but the service will also be taken to the Espoo Centre area from August onwards and to the Tapiola area from October onwards. Complete the Webropol survey(external link) to tell us where Espoo Info should go to next. You can already make suggestions for all regions.

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