Keep indoor spaces cool and take care of yourself and your loved ones during hot weather

Published: 29.6.2022 13.23

Hot weather continues in Espoo and the rest of Finland. It can cause health risks to anyone if they do not protect themselves properly.

Take care of your loved ones

Keep in touch with your relatives, friends and neighbours who live alone, and help them protect themselves from the heat if necessary. Help may especially be needed by the elderly, people with long-term illnesses and those with otherwise reduced functional capacity. Read more on the THL website (in Finnish)(extrernal link).

Recognise symptoms of heat-related illnesses and treat them as instructed

Dehydration and low sodium levels caused by heat and sweating can lead to various types of heat-related illnesses. On the THL website, you can find information on the symptoms of heat-related illnesses and how to treat them (in Finnish).(extrernal link)

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