Fun summer activities for children and young people

Published: 2.6.2022 9.26Updated: 2.6.2022 11.06
Photo: Taru Turpeinen

Another unusual school year is now over, and it is time to enjoy the summer holidays. We hope that everyone has time for relaxation, fun summer activities and quality time with their loved ones.

General upper secondary schools will have their graduation ceremonies on Saturday 4 June. We wish graduates and their families a joyful day!
“I am very happy for our new graduates and their schools,” says Tapio Erma, Director of Upper Secondary Education and Youth Services. 

Fun summer activities 

It is now time to enjoy the summer and summer holidays! Espoo offers various activities for the whole family during school holidays.

You can find information on our Nuori Espoo summer activities here. Read about the Skeittikontti skate container at the Matinkylä skatepark and the summer plans of the Kerttu recreational vehicle and the Patrik van. What about our StreetArt activities and Mopokärry moped workshop? What do they offer? Pointti, young people’s own space at the Sello Library, will be open all summer – rain or shine. The August pool party for young people at the Leppävaara outdoor swimming pool will crown the summer! Read more about our summer activities. 

  • Skeittikontti skate container at Matinkylä skatepark 
  • Mobile youth centres: Kerttu recreational vehicle and Patrik van 
  • StreetArt – graffiti, BMX biking and skateboarding 
  • Mopokärry mobile moped workshop 
  • Young people’s own space Pointti at Sello Library is open all summer! 
  • Pool party for young people from 7th-graders to 17-year-olds on 20 August 2022 

The police and rescue department encourage young people to celebrate safely 

The best way to celebrate is by staying sober. Senior Constable Reetta Kuusisto from the Western Uusimaa Police Department wants to remind guardians and other adults not to give alcohol to minors. 

Another important thing for guardians to remember is that they need to be available if their child is going out with their friends. 

“Agree on the rules in advance and tell your child that they can call home at any time. You should be aware of where your child is and with whom. You should also be prepared to pick up your child if necessary. Remember that you may receive a call from an unknown number if your child ends up in the care of paramedics or the police,” Kuusisto says. 

Senior Constable Johanna Lindroos says that the police are present in places where young people spend time during the end-of-school weekend. She has a few important tips for young people. 

“You can decide how your night will go. Take care of yourself and your friends.” 

“We also recommend that everyone download the 112 Suomi app on their mobile phone. If you call the emergency number through the app, the operator will automatically see your location and it will be easier for our staff to find you,” says On-call Senior Executive Fire Officer Clas Tallberg from the Länsi-Uusimaa Rescue Department. 

“It is also important to remember other safety issues during the end-of-school weekend and later this summer. A campfire is an open fire and not allowed without the landowner’s permission. Disposable grills are also considered an open fire. They both involve a risk of fire spreading into the environment. You should never put a disposable grill in the bin until the fire is out and the grill is cold,” Tallberg adds. 

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