Culture Committee decisions, 14 June 2022s

Published: 17.6.2022 13.52

At its last meeting of the spring, the Culture Committee discussed, among other things, the assessment report of the Audit Committee and the space requirement study for the City Museum’s collection facilities.

Culture Committee’s investment proposal, machinery and equipment for 2023–2027

The Culture Committee decided to propose that the 2023 budget and the financial plan for 2024–2025 include an appropriation for the purchase of machinery and equipment and the initial furnishing of new and renovated cultural premises.

Explanation and statement on the Audit Committee’s assessment report

The Culture Committee took note of the joint explanations of the City Vitality Sector on the comments on the sector made by the Audit Committee in its assessment report and decided to adopt them as its statement on the 2021 assessment report.

Culture project grants and art grants for 2022, batch 3

The Culture Committee decided to award a total of EUR 4,000 in project grants and EUR 11,880 in short-term art grants.

Space requirement study for KAMU Espoo City Museum’s collection facilities

The Culture Committee decided to approve the space requirement study for Espoo City Museum’s collection facilities. The Culture Committee requests that negotiations continue for the lease of the premises at Juvan teollisuuskatu 15, which would solve the space requirements for the first phase.

Other matters

The Committee decided on other matters in accordance with the agenda.

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