The summer of culture is enjoyed outdoors

Published: 31.5.2022 10.16Updated: 15.6.2022 10.25
Lapsuus + The Shrieks at Espoo Cultural Centre’s Amfi Thu 7 July

Event and Cultural Services organises unforgettable experiences with dance, live music, DIY workshops and other cultural summer programmes throughout Espoo.

Culture and urban cottage atmosphere in Soukka  

Hanikka summer Tuesdays fill the Hanikka recreation centre in Soukka with culture and an urban cottage atmosphere on Tuesday nights from 7 June to 9 August at 17:00–21:00. The programme changes weekly and includes garden yoga, open-air dancing, art workshops and much more. In addition to the activities, which are free and open to all, the centre’s lakeside sauna and barbecue shelter are available to visitors on summer Tuesdays.  

Hanikka recreation centre is also open to those celebrating Midsummer in Espoonlahti on Friday, 24 June. People are welcome to use the recreation centre’s sauna and barbecue independently on Midsummer Eve. 

Free concerts at Espoo Cultural Centre’s Amfi in Tapiola and Viaporintori in Leppävaara all summer 

Espoo’s most pleasant summer terrace for the entire family can be found from 1 June to 28 August at Viaporintori next to the Sello shopping centre in Leppävaara. The 400-seat area is served by eight different restaurants. In addition to food and drinks, the summer terrace offers cultural events for different target groups. Espoo’s 50th anniversary stage will feature a variety of music from different genres as well as performances for children. The summer will culminate in Espoo Day and a week of celebrations from 22 to 28 August. The programme has been created together with Sello Hall, and events are also supported by the Events Together in Espoo development programme.

The Espoo Cultural Centre invites you to enjoy summer cultural events at the Amfi outdoor stage in Tapiola. In June and August, Amfi hosts a wide range of concerts, dance shows and performance art. The stars of the Amfi outdoor stage include the hottest name in Finnish folk rock, Pekko Käppi & K:H:H:L, on 20 July. All performances are free of charge to the public. 

Fri 3 June at 19:00 Amfi 
The wonderfully versatile Etta released her genre-breaking debut album ‘Tyttö’ (‘Girl’) in June 2021, consolidating her position as one of the most interesting artists of the moment. 
Duration 1 hour 

Wed 15 June at 19:00 Amfi 
Ege Zulu 
Ege Zulu, a proud resident of Roihuvuori and winner of the 2022 YleX Breakthrough Award, strives to convey positive energy with his lively music. The artist’s multi-faceted soundscape is based mainly on French music, the “Marseille sound”, which he skilfully combines with Afropop and hip hop styles. 
Duration 1 hour 

Thu 23 June at 18:00 Amfi 
Luukas Oja + Bad Sauna 
The boisterous Luukas Oja does things with tongue in cheek. The lyrics of the self-ironic band depict humanity and all its facets with a twinkle in the eye.   
Bad Sauna, which has quickly become one of Finland’s most promising new rock bands, combines in its music typical Finnish melancholy, the energy of American alternative rock, easy-going DIY punk spirit, occasional charming devil-may-care attitude and awareness of the world around us. 
Duration 2 hour 

Thu 30 June at 19:00 Amfi 
Madboiali, a.k.a. Alioune Dia, is a star in the making. His music melds catchy melodies with the most current sounds and elegant execution. Madboiali, who has collected millions of streams by self-publishing, released his debut album ‘Mielentila’ (‘State of Mind’) in September 2020. 
Duration 1 hour 

Wed 6 July at 19:00 Amfi 
Rosa Coste + jambo 

Rosa Coste, the messenger of Finnish R&B and soul music, stands out with her strong lyrics and exceptional sound that is a breath of fresh air to the Finnish music scene. The artist from Rovaniemi has been involved in music since her childhood, growing up surrounded by hip hop, rock and African rhythm music. 
jambo is an artist and entertainer from Turku who makes Finnish rap music. jambo’s music includes a touch of funk, addictive melodies as well as a message – a message that is not spelled out to the listener. 
Duration 1 h 40 min 

Thu 7 July at 18:00 Amfi 
Lapsuus + The Shrieks 
Lapsuus is a desperately ferocious band whose light pop melodies carry lyrics about living as a person surrounded by people. 
The Shrieks is an insanely brilliant Helsinki-based punk’n’roll band that gets skirts swishing and mohawks bobbing. 
The band is known for its blazing stage presence, driving audiences wild in Finland and abroad. 
Duration 2 hour 

Wed 13 July at 19:00 Amfi 
Nelma U 
Nelma U, real name Alma Uimonen, is a mixture of the weirdness of the Internet age and true Finnish melancholy. She is a find for music-lovers and one of the most interesting young artists in the country. 
Duration 1 hour 

Wed 20 July at 19:00 Amfi 
Pekko Käppi & K:H:H:L 
Tampere-based Pekko Käppi & K:H:H:L is the hottest and loudest foursome in Finnish folk rock right now. The band was founded after singer-songwriter Pekko Käppi released his album ‘Rammat jumalat’ (‘Crippled Gods’) in 2013. Since then, the band has released four albums, received praise for them and toured across the planet. The gig features a larger ensemble with Jussi Jaakonaho, Laura Moisio and Kielo Kärkkäinen in addition to the regular K:H:H:L band. 
Duration 1 hour 

Thu 28 July at 19:00 Amfi 
Flawless flow, catchy choruses, sick style and near-perfect live performances. The list could go on and on, since the artist is in a league of his own. When he gets up on stage, Turisti does not just rap: he dances, sings, acts and offers the audience real theatre. You do not want to miss this. 
Duration 1 hour 

Sat 6 August at 18:00 Amfi
Xantone Blacq (UK)
London-based singer-songwriter and pianist Xantone Blacq (Amy Winehouse, Paul Jackson, Emelie Sande, Michael Urbaniak) has performed for audiences around the world for 20 years. At Espoo Cultural Centre's Amphitheatre Xantone and drummer Kari Paavola will perform with guitarist Aki Haarala and bassist Heikki Laine.
Duration 1 hour 30 minutes


Espoo dances through the summer 

Luckily, city dances do not require prior registration or previous dance skills, and even a dance partner can usually be found on-site!  
City dances is a concept in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area that offers free partner dance instruction in market places, squares and parks in summer. The instruction is provided by Dance Theatre Tsuumi’s trained dance instructors. Dances are held when the weather permits. 

City dances in Leppävaara in front of Sello Hall in Soittoniekanaukio Square on Mondays at 19:00–19:45: 
Mon 6 June: Single-time swing (fusku) 
Mon 13 June: Tango 
Mon 20 June: Cha-cha 
Mon 25 July: Waltz 
Mon 1 August: Bugg 
Mon 15 August: Foxtrot 
Mon 22 August: Samba   


City dances in Tapiola at Espoo Cultural Centre’s Amfi outdoor stage on Tuesdays at 19:00–19:45 
Tue 7 June: Samba 
Tue 14 June: Waltz 
Tue 21 June: Foxtrot 
Tue 28 June: Cha-cha 
Tue 2 August: Humppa 
Tue 9 August: Jenkka 
Tue 16 August: Single-time swing (fusku) 
Tue 23 August: Tango 

DIY summer: Children’s Cultural Centre Aurora workshops are full of summer cheer!

Aurora’s summer courtyard in summer cheer invites you on another adventure in Järvenperä (Järvenperäntie 1–3) 
Prepare for wonderful magic, parties and a courtyard full of DIY art!  

Summer evening colour workshops at 18:00–18:45 – Instructor Jenni Vilander  
Thu 9 June: babies 4–12 months  SOLD OUT
Thu 16 June: toddlers 1½–3 years  SOLD  OUT
Thu 7 July: babies 4–12 months  
Thu 4 August: babies 4–12 months  
Tickets: €10 Espoo webshop(extrernal link)   

Tue 31 May – Thu 23 June Summer courtyard art spectacle  
In June, Aurora’s summer courtyard hosts environmental and community art workshops for children and the young-at-heart. The workshops make art, have adventures in the summer courtyard and light-heartedly ponder of our relationship with the environment together with others. Workshops in the Aurora courtyard Tue 31 May – Thu 23 June at 10:00–13:00 every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Note! No workshop on Tue 7 June. Free admission. Workshop design and implementation: Art director, summer worker Ella Haavisto

Art weeks: 
Tue–Fri 28 June – 1 July at 10:00–13:00 Art week: Adventure art school Picnic hut
The workshop builds a picnic hut together. You get to practice hammering nails, tying knots, sawing and other building skills. The hut is designed together to serve as a perfect rest stop and snack-eating spot for city hikers in the Aurora courtyard. The workshop week culminates with a picnic party in the hut. Pack a snack, such as a juice box! Free admission.

Tue–Fri 5–8 July  at 10:00–13:00 Art week: Fairy tales & strange truths
We will paint together with the sun, grow into giants, shrink to tiny teeny size and find a secret route to a crazy garden party.  Free admission.

 Tue–Thu 12–14 July at 10:00–14:00 Art week: Magic forest of Soihtupuu
Soihtupuu’s art week examines magic paper, shapes monsters from clay and practices animation. You need a touch of curiosity, a pinch of good cheer and a hatful of the joy of doing things. Free admission. 

Fri 1 July – Mon 1 August Poetry: Independent poetic notes trail 
Summery wind chimes play poetic notes! Look for the wind chimes in Aurora’s courtyard and enjoy a relaxing moment of poetry. Imprint in your mind the brush of butterfly wings, the caress of sunbeams and soft drops of summer rain.  Find multitudes of medals and pad around on summer grass. Be full of summer cheer!  

Wed 13 July at 18-18.30 Company Kate & Pasi: Rafla
Contemporary circus for the whole family. Free of charge.

Children’s Cultural Centre Aurora:

Aurora summer tour x Espoo 50  
Viima – what’s in the wind?  

Two passionate and enthusiastic wind scientists, Vimma and Vaime, want to record a variety of breezes, winds, gales and storms in their wind machine. Grabbing winds is a challenging job, and the scientists need great cunning, ingenious cooperation, acrobatic agility and steady nerves. The circus and theatre performance won the 2022 ITU prize awarded by the Association of Finnish Children’s Cultural Centers.  

Mon 13 June at 10:00        Olari residents’ park  
Tue 14 June at 10:00 and 18:00     Children’s Cultural Centre Aurora  
Wed 15 June at 10:00        Soukka residents’ park  
Wed 15 June at 13:00        Kivenlahti residents’ park  
Thu 16 June at 10:00         Hiirisuo residents’ park  
Thu 16 June at 15:00         Viherkallio residents’ park  
Fri 17June at 10:00            Suvela residents’ park  

Performers: Emma Virta and Mika Formunen  
Composition, audio design: Tatu Kantomaa  
Scenography and manufacturing of equipment: Jose Salo, Mika Formunen, Emma Virta  
Concept: Annu Nietula, Emma Virta  
Cinematographer: Tatu Kantomaa  
Production: Cross-art Collective Piste  

For children between 3 and 10 years of age
Duration 40 min  
Non-verbal, composed  
Free admission  

Organisers: Children’s Cultural Centre Aurora and Espoo Event and Cultural Services in Espoonlahti  
The tour celebrates the 50th anniversary of Espoo as a city.  

Time jump at WeeGee’s back yard

Experience an exciting time jump in Futuro House at WeeGee’s back yard! The Futuro House is a plastic house designed by architect Matti Suuronen (1933–2013). Elliptical in shape, the house captures the experimental forms, new materials and optimistic ideas of the space-age architecture and design of the late 1960s.

Futuro House is open until 11 Sep on Mon, Sat and Sun at 11 am until 5 pm and from Wed to Fri at 11 am until 7 pm. Free admission on Fridays from 5 pm to 7 pm.

Tip for a rainy day: Visit the exhibitions at WeeGee’s museums! In addition to Futuro House, you can visit EMMA - Espoo Museum of Modern Art(extrernal link) and KAMU Espoo City Museum with the same ticket.

Exhibition Centre WeeGee