Reduced early childhood education fees due to the strike

23.5.2022 7.26

The Espoo City Board has decided that the clients of early childhood education are entitled to a reduction in client fees due to the municipal sector strike in early May. Fees will not be charged for the days during which early childhood education could not be provided due to the strike.

Due to the strike, no early childhood education was provided on 3 May 2022. No fees will be charged for this day. In addition, fees will not be charged for those days between 4 May and 9 May 2022 when the child did not attend early childhood education due to the strike.

If a guardian had informed the early childhood education unit of their child’s regular, illness-related or similar absence before the strike, they are not entitled to this separate reduction in client fees. The reductions based on the Act on Client Fees in Early Childhood Education and Care apply to these absences.

Guardians do not have to apply for a reduction as the free-of-charge days will be automatically taken into account in June invoicing.

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