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12.5.2022 5.45Updated: 12.5.2022 10.45
A cyclist on the Espoo Waterfront Walkway.
A cyclist on the Espoo Waterfront Walkway.Photo: Mika Viitanen

The local orienteering event is an urban adventure that will take place in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The event encouraging local tourism is suitable for participants of all ages who are looking for interesting new activities for the summer. You can participate according to your own schedule, either with your own bike or a city bike. Cycling local orienteering is a part of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Cycling Week which is held on 6–15 May.

Nature and culture in the cities of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area

The orienteering event focused on local tourism, organised by Helsinki Region Cyclists (Hepo), provides the residents of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and local tourists with sights, exercise and encouraging community activities. The local orienteering event is an opportunity to enjoy the best things in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area through outdoor activities. In addition to exercise, the event includes information about the most attractive nature and culture sites in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and HSL by utilising the cities’ best infrastructure solutions improving the safety and smoothness of cycling traffic.

Trips to new areas according to your schedule

Local orienteering makes local adventuring easy and diverse. The aim is to have the event encourage people of all ages to cycle on their own terms and to provide families with new ideas about exploring the environment around their homes. The Hepo's website(external link) (in Finnish) has a list of all control points, which makes adventuring in an urban environment easy. The entire control points route is recommended to turn it into a two-day event or divide it into smaller pieces according to, for example, city districts. You can also explore the whole route, even if you only take it a few control points at a time.

“The aim of the event is to offer information about the most attractive nature and culture destinations in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area that you can visit easily by bike. We hope that the participants fall in love with cycling and after the event make it part of their everyday lives,” says Henni Ahvenlampi, Managing Director of Hepo.

Visit the destinations and choose your favourite

The control points in the local orienteering have been selected in cooperation with the tourism professionals and traffic planners of Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa. Visit Hepo's website(external link) (in Finnish) to read the introductions for each 18 intriguing destinations.

The destinations in local orienteering in Espoo

Natural sites

  • Villa Elfvik & nature path & birdwatching tower & Laajalahti Nature Reserve & cows
  • Espoo Waterfront Walkway & Haukilahti beach

Cultural destinations

  • Gallen-Kallela Museum & Tarvaspää
  • Träskända Manor & the big old oak tree

Infrastructure destinations

  • Western Tarvonsilta Bridge
  • The road along Ring I in Laajalahti


We hope that after you have visited the destinations, you will vote for your favourite(external link) (in Finnish). The voting results will be published in June on the Hepo's website.

Cycling local orienteering is part of the Cycling Week in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area coordinated by Helsinki Region Cyclists (Hepo). Helsinki Region Cyclists (Hepo) is a non-government organisation focused on the promotion of cycling. The week’s events will be organised in cooperation with the cities of Helsinki, Vantaa and Espoo, Helsinki Region Transport (HSL), and other operators in the bicycle sector. Hepo volunteers will also contribute to the event.

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