The best way to beat the Spanish slug is during spring

Published: 10.5.2022 7.40
A brown Spanish slug on grass.
The Spanish slug is approximately 7-14 cm long, orange reddish-brown or black in colour. Its bottom is a lighter colour, and the slime is colourless. You can tell apart the Spanish slug from our native Limax cinereoniger (ukkoetana) from the location of its breathing pore: in Spanish slugs, it is at the front of its shield, and in Limax cinereonigers, it is at the back.Photo: Pekka Malinen

The Spanish slug is an omnivorous species that has adjusted well to the cold Finnish climate. It is a common sight, especially in Uusimaa and Southwestern Finland. The Spanish slug has a diverse diet, consequently it can cause significant damage to household gardens and plantations.

In most cases, the spread of the Spanish slug can be prevented with relatively simple actions. Extermination is most effective during springtime before the overwintering individuals lay their eggs. Slugs are exterminated by collecting them, for example, with barbecue tongs. They are put down by cutting the head longitudinally between the antennae or putting them individually in boiling water. Dead snails can be placed in an empty milk carton, and the closed carton into a regular mixed waste bin.

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