Webinar on 22 April 2022 – The Future of Biogas

Published: 8.4.2022 10.55

What does the future of biogas in transport look like in Finland and the EU? How is the increased use of biogas and fossil-free transport promoted in Espoo? Join our webinar to hear about and discuss the future of biogas.

The energy sector is undergoing major changes, and this will also impact the outlook for biogas. Increasing biogas production will increase energy self-sufficiency and reduce the use of fossil fuels. The production of biogas also generates other valuable products such as fertilisers that will help reduce agricultural emissions and environmental impacts. Increasing the use of biogas as a transport fuel requires confidence in the continuity of biowaste procurement and the processing, distribution and use of biogas.

At our webinar, you will hear about the current situation and future of biogas through presentations by representatives from the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Ministry of the Environment, organisations in the sector, companies and the City of Espoo. You will also have a chance to join the discussion and have your say on how operators could together promote the use of biogas and related business activities in Espoo and Uusimaa.

The event will be organised by Espoo’s Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development.

Date and time: Fri 22 April 8.30-10.30

Place: Teams 

Registration: by 12.00 on Thu 21 April through the registration form (in Finnish)(extrernal link).

The event will be held in Finnish. You can find the detailed programme on the Finnish event page(extrernal link).


Espoo’s biogas ecosystem

In Espoo, transport emissions account for approximately 30% of the annual CO2 emissions calculated by Helsinki Region Environmental Services (HSY). We promote low-emission and fossil-free transport in many ways. In parallel with electricity, biogas offers an emission reduction path, especially for the heavy vehicle segment in which other significant low-emission fuel options will not become available in the coming years.

Our RAKKE project(extrernal link) (Solution Path to Sustainable Growth Ecosystems) brings together biogas ecosystem operators to promote the use of biogas in Espoo and Uusimaa. Welcome to the Future of Biogas webinar and our other events and workshops later this year.

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