RAKKE – a solution path to sustainable growth ecosystems

The RAKKE project will strengthen cooperation between the public and private sectors and promote innovation and business activities related to the development of low-carbon transport, energy, circular economy as well as clean and smart urban solutions. The aim of the project is to build effective ecosystems together with 100 companies and developers and create a foundation for increasingly efficient project and development activities.

The project will identify and put together a solution path for Espoo’s recovery measures and carry out the required preliminary studies to implement the measures. With the help of a network-based approach, a functional ecosystem will be built for each development aspect. These ecosystems will be important for the local economy and promote new business and growth. The city will bring stability to the ecosystem work and ensure that the work is targeted at the most important development challenges in terms of the economy and development of the area. The project will create a foundation for rapid and extensive implementation of the actual recovery measures.


Under the energy theme, we will look for solutions to create new operating models for promoting renewable energy, energy citizenship and energy communities in both densely built-up urban areas and village-like centres. In terms of transport, the focus will be on the green transition from fossil fuels to alternative fuels by boosting the electrification of transport and building a biogas ecosystem. The smart city work will build an ecosystem whose first development areas will be Kera, Otaniemi-Keilaniemi and the master plan area of northern and central Espoo. With regard to circular economy, the aim is to strengthen and promote the collection and processing of significant local material flows in accordance with the principles of circular economy, and thus the cycle of materials can be steered towards the most valuable use in terms of achieving carbon neutrality.

The project results will help us ensure that Espoo and Uusimaa are pioneers in achieving the UN’s Agenda 2030, its 17 Sustainable Development Goals and carbon neutrality as well as in economic recovery.


1 March 2021–30 March 2023

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