Mask recommendation ends at schools and daycare centres

21.4.2022 12.34Updated: 26.4.2022 6.12

On 20 April 2022, the coronavirus coordination group for the Helsinki metropolitan area decided that pupils and students no longer need to wear masks in basic and upper secondary education. Masks no longer need to be used at Espoo’s early childhood education units neither. Masks can still be used, and the city will provide masks for pupils, students and staff members.


The coronavirus coordination group’s press release defines specific situations in which masks should still be used. The use of masks is especially recommended for those over 12 years of age who know that they have been exposed to the coronavirus. 

Our schools and daycare centres will continue to ensure everyone’s health and safety and a high level of hygiene. 

  • Basic Education
  • General Upper Secondary Education
  • Early Childhood Education
The whole Espoo