Light entrepreneurship is a flexible and easy way to try entrepreneurship

20.4.2022 10.14

The term “light entrepreneurship” comes across in many places. What does it actually mean?

  • Light entrepreneurship refers to an operating model where a person uses the services of an invoicing service company to invoice his or her work.
  • In this model, you do not need to set up your own business or obtain a business ID.
  • Accounting can also be entrusted to the invoicing service company.
  • Light entrepreneurs pay service fees according to the billing; there are no fixed fees. Payments are only incurred when the light entrepreneur invoices the customer.

Therefore, light entrepreneurship is a flexible and easy way to try a small-scale business activity. It is especially suitable for people who start a part-time business in addition to their full-time job or studies, for example. Light entrepreneurship is also suitable to test a business idea if you are not yet sure whether or not to become an entrepreneur. Light entrepreneurship is best suited for selling services.

Are you interested in light entrepreneurship? Check out the BE-Studio to learn more about the taxation, funding and unemployment benefits related to light entrepreneurship.(external link)
(Video is in Finnish.)

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