Explore Espoo Catering’s Annual and Responsibility Report 2021

19.4.2022 12.59

The year 2021 was Espoo Catering Oy’s sixth operating year and the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic. We looked into the future and are now pleased to note that, despite the pandemic, we were able to develop our operations in 2021.

The company’s strategy and values guide our daily work at Espoo Catering. In 2021, it seemed that the values were even more significant than before – it was important to rely on them in circumstances that were exceptional or at least constantly changing.

2021 – a year of values

In our Annual and Responsibility Report 2021, we aim, through our values, to give an overview of the diverse work we do at Espoo Catering for our customers on a daily basis. Our work is reflected in tens of thousands of meals for our customers, but also in numerous daily customer encounters all around Espoo.

We have developed our operations and evolved, and our responsible work continues.

Annual and Responsibility Report 2021 (in Finnish):

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