Residents needed to create sustainable Espoo

Published: 20.1.2022 10.54

As part of the preparation work of the new Sustainable Espoo programme, we conducted a resident survey in October in order to map residents’ views on sustainable development and participation in it. Based on the preliminary results, Espoo residents want to have their say and get involved. However, there is a need for more outreach communications and low-threshold participation possibilities that offer a real opportunity to make a difference.

Everyone has the right to influence the operations of their home city. Participation does not require any special knowledge, only interest in the themes to be addressed. Come as you are. After all, you are an expert on your own everyday life.

You are most welcome to join us! You can find information on participation opportunities by following the city’s social media channels and other communications, as well as hashtags #SustainableEspoo and #ParticipatoryEspoo.

The author is a student of administrative science at Tampere University, who has completed her Master’s phase internship at the City of Espoo’s Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development this autumn. During the internship period, she has focused on the development of resident participation in sustainable development work.

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