Matinkylä Swimming Hall has now been completed: the brand-new facility utilises renewable energy in its heating

5.1.2022 11.17Updated: 12.1.2022 11.26
Matinkylä Swimming Hall will be opened for swimmers in spring 2022.

Matinkylä Swimming Hall (address: Tynnyritie 6) was completed as scheduled in late December. The swimming hall, which utilises renewable energy sources, will be opened for all Espoo swimmers in spring 2022.

The recently completed Matinkylä Swimming Hall has an excellent location in the immediate vicinity of Iso Omena Shopping Centre and Hotel Matts. The swimming hall includes a 50-metre pool with eight lanes, a multi-functional rehabilitation pool with jacuzzi seats, a cold-water pool and a paddling pool and teaching pool for children.

Visitors with reduced mobility were considered already during the design of the swimming hall with various solutions catering to accessibility. For example, the swimming hall includes separate sauna facilities only for the use of people with reduced mobility. Accessibility has also been considered in the placement of the swimming pools. Furthermore, an accessible pick-up and drop-off area was created in the design of Tynnyritie running in front of the swimming hall.

Once opened to the public, the swimming hall will also be easily accessible by public transport.

Renewable energy solutions promote Espoo’s carbon neutrality goal

The life-cycle economy of Matinkylä Swimming Hall was considered already during the design stage when selecting renewable energy solutions: the pool water is for the most part heated by geothermal energy and the roof has been fitted with solar panels that generate a part of the electricity consumed by the swimming hall. The swimming hall will also be fitted with a green roof, which will help cut energy costs and act as a solution to mitigate rainwater runoff.

Swimming hall visitors will be able to observe the amount of electricity generated by the solar panels on a screen installed in the lobby. These renewable energy solutions will promote the carbon-neutral Espoo 2030 goal commendably.

“Matinkylä Swimming Hall is an excellent example of how carefully selected energy solutions can help meet the carbon neutrality goals the city has set for its premises,” says Maija Lehtinen, Managing Director of the Premises Department.

“The finishing work will now be started at Matinkylä Swimming Hall. The premises used by city residents will be furnished, all systems will be tested and the safety of the swimming hall will be ensured. The stress tests of the water treatment system have already been carried out with the help of swimmers from a local swimming club. Everything should be ready in March,” says Martti Merra, Sports Director.

The construction costs of the swimming hall totalled €31.5 million and its surface area is 4,810 square metres. The construction work was carried out as a shared contract with Lujatalo Oy acting as the main contractor.

For more information, please contact:

Maija Lehtinen, Managing Director, Premises Department public utility, City of Espoo
Martti Merra, Sports Director, City of Espoo