Kalajärvi Service Centre to continue under the service centre model

Published: 17.1.2022 13.02

According to the decision of the city’s management team, Kalajärvi Service Centre will be continuing under the service centre model even after the two-year trial period (2020-2021) . Based on a recent customer survey, the service centre model has been extremely beneficial to local residents. People appreciate the diverse local services, opportunities to book the premises for private use and the extended opening hours. Six city units and one restaurant are currently operating in the building.

In the future, the service centre operations will be examined in relation to the construction of the Kalajärvi School and the Economically Sustainable Espoo programme. The concept may be updated as work progresses.

The service centre model provides access to four spaces at Kalajärvi's Ruskatalo building for residents and local operators to get together and organise activities. For the duration of the school renovations, Kalajärvi school children will use one of the spaces for school meals. No separate employees have been recruited for the Kalajärvi service centre concept. Instead, city staff manage cooperation and coordination activities alongside their own duties. Expenses are primarily caused by the security guard arrangements that enable longer opening hours and the most essential purchases.

Espoo currently has two service centres: Iso Omena Service Centre and Kalajärvi Service Centre. The service centres provide customers with high-quality services flexibly in a single location. The aim is to make the day-to-day lives of customers easier.

Link to the services of the Kalajärvi Service Centre: https://www.espoo.fi/en/city-espoo/service-centres/services-kalajarvi-service-centre )

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